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The word conjures up images of effete eccentrics imposing cuboidal-built environments, clashing colours, tortures fashion, and over rated celebrity upon the jaded palates of urbanites with too much money.

This book is not about that.

It has been 4 years since Nathan Shedroff published ‘Design is the Problem’. I think this book is still relevant, if not more than back in 2009. Shedroff takes a slightly unusual perspective in the book by not simply proposing a new, more sustainable way of doing what designer have done for decades; instead he proposed a re-evaluation of why we are creating systems and products. The book is written from a practical perspective, almost a ‘how to’ guide. If you are serious about sustainable design and practice this book should be on the top of your book-buy list. A great added element I found is a slideshow that Shedroff gave, OCAD, November 2009.

For a full content review have a look at Amzon’s website.

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