Service Design Soft Skill Builder: Empathy

I really love this article by . I would suggest giving it a read. The world on design and interaction is changing to rapidly I sometimes wonder where the ‘humanity’ is in what we do. I keep hearing that ‘design can be a force for change’, and less often that ‘design WAS a force for change’ in a project.

We, the design community, talk (and write and speak) a lot about empathy.1 We lament the empathy deficit in our companies and clients and cry “something must be done about this.”  We tout personas, empathy maps, experience maps, and other methods as empathy deficit reducers that lead to better experiences (and profits). Some, at the extremes, position human-centered designers as Platonic figures releasing stakeholders from the shadows of opinion and faceless analytics into the reality of human emotions, needs, and desires.

We talk a lot about other people’s empathy. But what about your own? What about mine?

The article also features a great video on outrospection.  Please give this article a read – sometimes we just need to stop… and listen.

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