CPUT | Teaching with Technology Day 2013

The 2013 ‘Learning by Design’ workshop, presented at the CPUT’s ‘Teaching with Technology’ day, will explore the design process as a tool to develop responsive teaching and learning activities, and integrate technologies in teaching practice. The workshop uses the IDEO ‘Design Thinking for Educators’ toolkit and process method.

To download the full toolkit click here. The toolkit details the design thinking process and takes the reader step by step through the process.

Design Thinking for Educators is…A creative process that helps you design meaningful solutions in the classroom, at your school, and in your community. The toolkit provides you with instructions to explore Design Thinking.

The ‘Design Thinking for Educators’ website is a rich source of inspiration and helpful hints. The website also encourages reflection and sharing, allowing teachers and lecturers to tell their stories and read the design thinking stories of other educators.  Click here to read stories or share your views.

Tell us about what you’ve been designing! We are collecting stories of the design challenges educators have been tackling using the Design Thinking for Educators Toolkit. One day your story could be highlighted here and could help others working on similar challenges. You can contribute to the overall community knowledge about how Design Thinking can help educators transform everything – from the experiences our students have to the operations of our school systems.

The workshop also highlights a few amazing TED Talk videos that explore design thinking and design. Enjoy!

How to escape education’s death valley by Sir Ken Robinson | FILMED APR 2013 • TED Talks Education

Teaching design for change by Emily Pilloton | FILMED JUL 2010 • POSTED NOV 2010 • TEDGlobal 2010

A teacher growing green in the South Bronx by Stephen Ritz | FILMED FEB 2012 • POSTED JUL 2012


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