Service Design Toolkit

Tools! Is there ever a better a word! I’m passionate about Service Design and love trying out newly developed toolkits and research packs. I haven’t worked through them all, but any developed toolkit is bound to have at least one or two gems. This toolkit was developed at the JAMK University of Applied Sciences. Enjoy the pack and please remember to credit the creators.

Service Design Toolkit

The tools presented here are a means for you to analyze your thoughts. By seeking the answers to their questions, you may realize something essential about your business, your customers’ needs and their value determination process. Mechanically filling out each tool won’t do much to improve your business, so take your time to ponder each question and their answers. You will find some of the questions easy to answer, while others may take more thought. When starting out, you will need more time. Once you have become less reliant on the tools, you will notice that you’re developing services on the fly and thinking from a customer-oriented point of view. At this point, the tools still function as reminders that can help you review the development of your services, e.g., if you’re looking to expand your business.

You can download the toolkit from the SDT website – it just requires you to fill in your e-mail address and occupation.

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