Growing Up Online and the Effects of it

This topic always creeps into discussions I have with clients, students, friends and colleagues…


Whether we like it or not, social media is here to stay. Not just a stagnant hold either, this is one of the most growing, changing and expanding businesses out there. You hear kids say, “what a great job that would be,” while referring to the people who work for Twitter and Facebook.

Kids want to be apart of this universe, it is how they think, act, react and communicate with one another.  A perfect example of this happened to me last night. A man I work with named Greg who is in his 50’s came up to me and said “how come you people never call me when you want a shift picked up? All you do is text, text, text.”

This generation has grown up on in the fast lane, everyone needs their instant gratification and with social media, everyone gets just that.

The movie Growing Up Online…

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