The inventors, trailblazers and performers of TEDWomen 2013, “Invented Here”

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main2Invented here. There. And, well, everywhere. This year’s TEDWomen is dedicated to out-of-the-box thinking from women around the globe. TEDWomen 2013 will take place on December 4th through 6th in San Francisco — but the whole world will be watching. There are 220 TEDxWomen events being held in 58 countries, each tuning into the webcast of the anchor event while also celebrating girls, women and innovation locally. Find the TEDxWomen event nearest to you to watch along next week.

Below, a closer look at the lineup.

The Inventors:

Jessica Matthews, playful entrepreneur. Jessica Matthews and her partner, Julia Silverman, found a very fun solution to a very real social problem — the lack of electricity in small villages around the world. They created the Sockett Ball, a soccer ball which generates electricity simply by being kicked around.

Krista Donaldson, social-good engineer. Krista Donaldson and her comrades at D-Rev have a…

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