If only there was more data…: Creating evidence to prove the value of Design

Great post from earlier in the year by Lucy Kimbell.


Take a moment and look up from the device with which you are reading this and look around you. That device and its software, the chair you are sitting in, the pen in your bag, the lamp above you, the clothes you are wearing, the arrangement of the space in which you sit … all of these have been shaped by the work of a professional designer. But one of the remarkable features of early 21st century public conversations in the UK is the invisibility of professional Design.

This may seem a large claim. The UK has an internationally-recognised Design Council, now at arms length from government but set up in 1944 to give explicit voice to the role of design in public life and the economy. UK universities which house design schools are internationally renowned and students from all over the world come to London, in particular, but…

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