The best guidelines for Design Thinking from Terence Love



From the designer Terence Love – Austrália (Mini-papers section)

“The following  is my list of some of the key guidelines, tools and rules of Design Thinking.

They’re for design solutions in which collaboration with stakeholders is important; when outcomes  are significant; and the behaviour of the outcomes resulting from the design are dynamic.

They  apply from 1H to  7H design solutions (High levels of complication, high stakeholder investment in success, high risk, high significance, high cost, high technology, high complexity in outputs and outcomes).

The list has been accumulated over design projects, research  and reviews of tricks, tools and tips of design thinking since the 70s.  The list is incomplete and additional items will be added over time.

1.    Quantify whenever possible – especially in situations involving collaboration with stakeholders.

2.    Abstract until it ceases to be useful –  abstract the characteristics of designs and situations…

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