Dear Teacher, A Video Game Developer Is A Real Job And Should Be Celebrated


Today was career day at my son’s school. He’s seven. Like every other seven-year-old, he lives for Minecraft and wants to be a video game developer. And so today he donned his favorite Minecraft shirt and proudly went to school as his favorite video game developer, Markus Persson. But his teacher thought differently. She told him that he had to sit out the day’s activities because, apparently, being a games developer is not a real job.

Yes. You read that correctly. I’m furious.

Dismissing the unknown is ignorant and an epidemic in the heartland of America. I live in the middle of Michigan where blogging is a hobby and not a job – people still ask me when I’m going to go work in a real office. Around here becoming a game developer is seen as a pipe dream instead of an aspirational career. Students studying technical jobs in…

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