New Plate System Lets You 3D Print Like It’s 1989

Faster 3D printing… An idea I could totally get behind!


If you’re of a certain age and certain technical predilection you’ll remember tractor-feed printers. These printers had little sprocketed wheels that pulled long rolls of paper through, ensuring you got beautiful dot-matrix prints every time. 3D printing is about to have its own 1989 moment, surprisingly, thanks to ECHOdrive.

The ECHOdrive is vacuum system that moves a sheet of plastic over the printing plate of your 3D printer. What does this mean? It means that your printer can extrude onto a completely flat plastic surface and then that surface can move away and off of the plate, allowing you to print something else. This is important when you are running multiple print jobs to the same printer and saves time and effort. Think of it as an assembly line for 3D printed objects.

The system manages print queues for most major 3D printers and it offers automated part…

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