About the Author…


Dr. Vikki Eriksson (nee du Preez) is a design theory and history lecturer, focusing on design evolution and theories that influence modern design practice. She is a tenured member of staff at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Her interest in the user experience and service design fields, has resulted in the number of international research projects and a doctorate exploring the socio-technical reality of older adults’ interaction with online services. As an avid advocate of service design, she consults and develops practical framework for the development of services and the use of service design methods in research and the traditional design process. She has collaborated on two design textbooks and has presented at numerous design and education conference.

About the Blog…

This blog is an exploration of ideas, theories and designs, which I encounter and find inspirational. I’m both a practical designer and an educator, making me annoyingly analytical and hopelessly optimistic.  This blog, referring to De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats, speaks about the diverse and broad nature of design and design thinking. Six Design Hats proposes an interconnectedness to the vast array of design styles, influences, mediums, processes and disciplines. Instead of separate professions and self-made separations the future of design is in collaboration, assimilation and interaction, requiring us to use ‘six design hats’ to find appropriate and contextually relevant design solutions or interventions.

If you have any specific question relating to this blog, please feel free to contact me using the form below.


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