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Tech Trends 2014

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The lovely people at Frog have compiled a great Tech Trends for 2014 in which you can vote for which entries you believe are likely to feature. This is one of many forecast and trend documents popping up online this time of the year. I love it!! Paging through the various forcasts makes me so excited, imagining that the world of early 20th Century sci-fi authors will finally come true (….in truth may may just get more of the same, with slight changes and incremental developments).  I suggest giving yourself over to dreaming about where we can go in 2014….even if it is just for a few minutes!

Click here for Frog Tech Trends 2014

Value of Design | Design Council

The Design Council has been working with the Arts & Humanities Research Council to measure the value that design thinking brings to small businesses. What we found is that design thinking does so much more than just make products look nicer or work better, it improves the way a business operates. Our research found that not only can design thinking increase the range of products a business develops, but it can also lead to more inspiring workplaces, happier staff, better service and, as a result, greater customer satisfaction.

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